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the history of the brand - Kieraszek Profesor Smaku

Grandpa, Grandpa ...

a short story of grandfather Kieraszek

"Grandpa, Grandpa ... let me try some more" that's how most grandchildren ask for more of their favourite delicacies. That's how it was, when our great-grandfather brought fruit preserves from his pantry. Grandma, then a 10-year-old girl, told us that this moment became extremely important for her and the other children. Great-grandpa Kieraszek, as my family called him, had a bushy moustache and loved making preserves from fruit and vegetables that came from our orchard and field. However, to say he loved it is too much, he was simply a fruit-grower, who combined business with pleasure. Running a farm allowed him to provide for his family, but his real pleasure was preparing preserves in a truly magical way, which seemed trivial, but delighted with taste. With a smile on his face, great-grandpa would say that these amazing sensations are the result of the best ingredients combined according to his recipe. "All credit goes to Grandpa Kieraszek," added Grandma, "he's our tasty professor" and she laughed with us, that's how grandma would tell me. Great-grandpa Kieraszek has forever become the professor of taste, who shares with us the true taste of his products .....


Take care of your health

Germans, Britons, Belgians, Lithuanians, Estonians and Finns have already developed a love for our juice. Now it’s your turn. Natural Kieraszek Juice is a proposition for the informed client, who is looking for a high-quality natural product. Take care of your health and the health of your family.

Available packagings

apple juice - 300 ml
apple juice - 700 ml
apple juice - bag-in-box 3l
apple juice - bag-in-box 5l


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