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Origin of products - Kieraszek Profesor Smaku

Our apple trees

A healthy apple tree yields healthy fruit

We know our apple trees from seedlings. It takes 1460 days from planting the seedlings to harvest the first fruit. On average there are 170 apples growing on a tree.

Our apples

The fruit matters

40kg of apples can be picked from one tree. We press juice only from the highest quality fruit coming from one region, Lubelskie orchards.

Our juice

we know how to qurantee the best quality

Our juice is made from whole apples, including the peel and the core which contains most of the pectins - detoxifying substances.

Take care of your health

Germans, Britons, Belgians, Lithuanians, Estonians and Finns have already developed a love for our juice. Now it’s your turn. Natural Kieraszek Juice is a proposition for the informed client, who is looking for a high-quality natural product. Take care of your health and the health of your family.

Available packagings

apple juice - 300 ml
apple juice - 700 ml
apple juice - bag-in-box 3l
apple juice - bag-in-box 5l


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